Why Choose Us?

1. Stability

Our staff stay with us long term because it is a great place to work and they are appreciated, this means your children benefit with a stable environment and staff they can rely on.

OFSTED said…

the children are happy and content in the setting as they leave parents and carers to engage in the wide range of good quality developmentally appropriate resources & play experience… Young children benefit from close relationships with staff

2. Respect

We promote a respectful environment, creating the building blocks in your child for a respectful individual.

OFSTED said…

…staff have a supportive and mutually respectful relationship with parents. Friendly and approachable staff seek parents' views through a suggstions and compliments records as they value parents' contributions. .. Comments include ‘the experience in your care has provided my child with the best grounding for the rest of my child’s school years’.

3. Learning

We create a suitable learning environment to ensure your child can reach their full potential in later life.

OFSTED said…

All children make good progress. they are learning to be independant and to develop their self-help skills. Their literacy skills are developing well; they know how to read and write their own name and they recognise the sounds that letters make.